Pamela B. Brewer, MSW, PhD., LCSW-C

Couples Counseling

When a couple enters into treatment – there is often the misconception that one person will be found “wrong” while the other will be found “right.”  For some, there is also the view that the therapist is in the business of telling the “wrong” person what to do in order to be “right.”  Both are incorrect.  It is the goal of the therapist to assist the couple in communicating fully and determining for themselves what works…truly works…as individuals and as a couple.
There is no “preparation” necessary for the process to be successful except that it is important at least have a sense of your goals for the work.  Do you wish the relationship to be better?  What would “better” look like?

Do you just want the union to be over?  Are you fairly clear the relationship is over but are interested in separating/divorcing “well”?  Is there a breakdown in communication you wish to understand and resolve?  Are you approaching this process as a “last chance” before you walk out the door? 

Perhaps you don’t know what to do – but you know that something has to change.  This and many others are the thoughts that often precede the decision to enter treatment.  It is important to be as honest with yourself as you can about your goals – not just your partner’s goals ... your goals.

The marital counseling experience is an opportunity to honestly identify and evaluate your relationship skills with yourself and with your spouse.  Our joint task is to help you both create the most wonderful and respectful relationship you can.

It takes courage to work on a relationship. 

By thoughtfully reading this, you have taken the first step ...