Pamela B. Brewer, MSW, PhD., LCSW-C

Pamela Brewer

Abbreviated CV



Pamela Brewer, MSW, Ph.D., LCSW-C has over 30 years experience as a psychotherapist working with adult individuals and couples. Brewer works with woman and men wishing to work on relationship challenges, depression, self-esteem, past and current trauma of primary and secondary victims/survivors (including sexual harassment, stalking, infidelity, incest, sexual assault, and emotional abuse).

Dr. Brewer has also developed a pre-marital/pre-cohabitation program for those wishing to walk into their relationship with the best of awareness and the best of intentions.

Pamela is also the award-winning Executive Producer and Host of MyNDTALK - a relationship health and mental health literacy program -now in its 21st year and available on demand at

A coaching program is available to clients who have not previously or are currently in treatment.

Teaching/field instruction experiences have included:

University of Maryland School of Social Work - Baltimore, Maryland 

George Mason University School of Social work - Fairfax, Virginia.

Media appearances have included :WNBC-TV NYC, WKYS-FM NYC, WOL-AM WDC, WBAL-TV MD, NewsChannel 8 VA. 

Media topics have included infidelity, domestic violence, stalking, elder abuse, secondary crime victims, etc.

Workshop presentations have included:

Healthy Relationships

Relationship Red Flags

Personal Red Flags, Silence
Anger Management
Living Together Well 

Workshop venues have included: 

Domestic Violence Shelter in New York, New York,
First Class -Washington, DC,
Borders Books - WDC and MD
The Smithsonian - Washington, DC

Presentations : (selected)

“Mental Health in the Aftermath of War, Hurricanes and Other Disasters” (Moderator) Department of Professional Affairs, AFL-CIO, Washington, DC 2006

“Depression in the Workplace” (Moderator), Department of Professional Affairs, AFL-CIO: Washington, DC September 2006

“Healthy Relationships” First Class, Washington, DC 2006

"The Process of Psychotherapy" Department of Mental Health, St. Elizabeth's Hospital Department Of Social Work, (16 three-hour units) Washington, DC  2001

Publications: (selected)

“Healing From Emotional Abuse” www.larryelder/ 2005

“There’s Just One Little Problem” 26x2 Publishing, Silver Spring, Maryland

“Emotional Abuse Never ‘Good Enough’?” 2002

“Men Will Be … Silent?”

“Betrayal and Recovery”, 2000

Women Today, Monthly Publication, Relationship Columnist 1996-1998

“365 (+31!) Daily Necessities – A Thought For The Day Guide”, 26x2 Publishing, Maryland

“Relationships In Progress: A Pocket Guide TO Creating A Healthy Relationship with Yourself And For Yourself” 1997 26x2 Publishing,   Maryland

Recognition/Awards (selected):

2016 Distinguished Alumna: New York University School of Social Work

2016 Great Non-Profit: MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer

2015 Great Non-Profit: MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer

2013 Finalist NASW Media Awards - Radio

2013 Finalist National Association of Black Journalists  Excellence Awards - Radio

2007 National Institutes of Health - Ethical Consideration and Challenges in Social Work Practice [Certificate of Appreciation]

2006  WPFW Volunteer Service Award 

2004  WPFW  Certificate of Achievement